Personal Health and Wellness with the Gut Lady

Why the Gut lady? Well it started some years ago when I was describing how no matter what type of client came to see me or whenever we get talking about health .. when it comes down to it .. symptoms can be alleviated if we tackle the health and well being of the gut. My friend said "so you deal with the guts .. you're the gut lady" and it has stuck with me. Of course it's not just the gut because in changing your eating habits you will inevitably be making changes to your daily habits. And when you take a look back after a period of time making these, often minor changes, you can see that your lifestyle has also changed and you have a different focus.

Small changes can make a massive difference to one's overall health and wellness .. it's often referred to as the ripple effect. So if you want to improve your health and wellness, come along for an informal first half hour chat and discover how you can take control over your health and wellness and create your own ripple effect.

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