Beetroot and Carrot Drink

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Immune system booster and energiser

Tiredness is something that affects everyone at some point so if you want an easy boost to get you back on track; try making this and drinking a glass of it every day for 10 days.  You will be sure to feel the difference.  It’s very easy to make and a great energiser.



1 kg of beetroot

1 lemon

½ kg carrots

3 oranges

3 apples

1 tblspn of honey



1           Clean all the ingredients and put them in a blender.

2           Blend until the mixture is completely smooth; if it is a little thick then you can add plain or coconut water to get the consistency you want.

3           Next, pour the juice into a large glass jar or bottle  and fasten with the appropriate lid.  The drink should be stored in the ‘fridge.


How to use it:

You will get the best results from this homemade beetroot  and carrot juice if you drink ½ glass of it, every morning on an empty stomach. Drinking this for 10 days will really do wonders for your gut and you will be amazed how that impacts on how you feel!!

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