Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

There is a simple way to improve your health and life in general; you only need to drink lemon water every morning and this will benefit your health in so many ways. The hard part is setting up and maintaining the routine long enough to make it part of your lifestyle! Read more to find out what happens to our body when you drink lemon water in the morning.


After drinking lemon water every morning for a month you will see a difference in your energy levels and your digestive system just for starters; make this simple routine a part of your regular daily life and the benefits long term are tremendous.  Ayurvedic medicine says that the choice about your normal daily routine can either make you resistant to diseases or prone to them; the refreshing taste of this drink will help your body finish the natural process of detox; start the digestion process and even wake you up quickly. You, probably know that lemons are loaded with vitamin C, but did you realise that they also contain vitamin B, fibre, calcium, antioxidants, iron, enzymes, magnesium and potassium?

Lemons have many benefits when included in the diet but the main benefits from drinking this elixir are listed below.

 1. Lemon water improves the digestion process

Drinking lemon water is excellent for the digestion process since lemon juice has a very similar structure to the structure of the stomach juices. Therefore, lemon water can help your body eliminate the toxins in the digestive system. Lemon juice is effective against bloating, heartburn and indigestion. Drinking lemon water in the morning will infuse water in the stool, help to move the bowels, stimulate the production of bile which in turn flushes out the waste and toxins cleansing the colon.

2. Lemon water boosts immunity

Lemon water is also excellent against the flu and colds, since it is loaded with vitamin C. This vitamin boosts the immune system. If you want your immune system is compromised for any number of reasons, you will need more than vitamin C. Luckily, lemons also contain iron which is an important nutrient for the immunity. Lemon juice also helps the absorption of iron from other foods that contain it.

3. Lemon water keeps your body hydrated

One of the most important functions of the body is to eliminate toxins … this is done through continually hydrating our bodies; especially during the hot summer months. Your body will be hydrated if you drink enough amounts of water. However, most people are not satisfied with the taste of water, so they don’t drink it in enough amounts. Luckily, lemons can spice up and improve the taste of plain water. So, don’t drink lemon water only in the morning. Enjoy this refreshing drink through the entire day.

4. Lemon water boosts energy

Lemon water gives you energy immediately after you drink it. So, improve your energy levels and your mood immediately after you get out of bed and before facing the daily scheduled activities.

5. Lemon water gives you rejuvenated and healthy skin

Antioxidants are especially important in the fight against free radicals that damage the body and Lemons are rich in antioxidants. The dangerous free radicals also cause pre-mature aging of the skin; so Vitamin C in lemons can help your skin as well as the antioxidants. This vitamin protects the elasticity of the skin and with that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and decreases the already existing blemishes.

6. Lemon water reduces inflammation

The uric acid crystals in our joints can be removed with consistent drinking of lemon water. The build-up of uric acid in the joints  is the prime cause for joint inflammation, so lemon water is excellent against inflammation as well.

7. Lemon water can aid the weight loss process

Lemon water by itself cannot help you to lose the extra pounds. However, it can speed up the weight loss process and protect you from gaining back the lost pounds. Lemons and lemon water will protect you from eating snacks between meals since they reduce cravings for food, make you feel full and boost the metabolism.

8. Lemon water alkalizes the body

Lemons are one of the best foods that alkalize the body, even though they have sour taste. Many extremely dangerous diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as obesity and inflammation are caused by too much acids in the body. So, you should consume any food or drink that will alkalize your body.

9. Lemon water has cleansing powers

Toxin build-ups damage the body’s cells, tissues and organs. Lemons and lemon water help your body to flush out these dangerous toxins. They also stimulate the function of the liver and it produces more enzymes. Lemon water will also keep your urinary tract free from toxins since it functions as a natural diuretic. Over time the properties of lemon will change our bodies pH level and with that stop the overgrowth of bacteria. (SIBO- Small intestine bacteria overgrowth )This function of lemons makes lemon water especially beneficial for people who suffer from urinary tract infection (UTI) and SIBO.

10. Lemon water has antibacterial and antiviral powers

Lemons are also efficient against bacteria and viruses. They are useful in cases of cold, flu or sore throat. Moreover, drinking lemon water every morning and through the day enables the immune system to reduce the chances of the viruses developing into an uncomfortable health issue.

11. Lemon water can reduce phlegm and mucus

Lemon water is able to reduce the formation of phlegm and mucus. Research has shown that drinking large amounts of cow’s milk can make you sensitive to increased production of mucus. Drinking lemon water in the morning is one way to lessen the mucus build-ups in your body.

Remember mucus and inflammation are the main causes of diseases in our bodies!

12. Lemon water can freshen your breath

Lemon water is excellent against the bacteria in the mouth and it can improve your breath. Even though lemons are very nutritious and beneficial for our bodies neat lemon juice should not be drunk or used to brush your teeth.  If you have a bad breath problem then it is better to look for cause rather than trying to brush it away.

13. Lemon water can boost the power of your brain

Lemons are loaded with potassium and magnesium and these minerals can benefit the nerve and brain health. Lemon water is also effective against stress and depression; it also increases your focus and mental clarity, so it can be especially beneficial for students and people with stressful jobs.

14. Lemon water is effective against cancer

Research has shown that cancer cells need acid environment to survive, develop and spread; since the antioxidants in lemons help neutralize the acids in the body it is another tools to use to protect your body from cancer.

15. Lemon water will help you get off caffeine

Some people have found that they needed to reduce their caffeine intake and they have found that when they started drinking lemon water in the morning instead of coffee they did not crave for the coffee until much later in the day. Lemon water wakes up your body and gives you energy in the same manner as coffee.

Preparation of lemon water

Just squeeze half a lemon into a glass of lukewarm water. You need to use lukewarm water instead of cold or hot water since the body needs more energy to process these waters. If you enjoy the taste of lemon water, continue to drink hot, cold or lukewarm lemon water throughout the whole day and enjoy the health benefits.


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