Getting to the root cause of why you “just don’t feel well...”

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Is this a typical scenario for you?    You’ve had another series of tests and been to the doctors again to get the results... Great News!! They are all normal.  So why are you not thrilled?... because you just don’t feel well and the signs are like... well my hair is thinning or I’m losing more than I usually do ... or my muscles ache and I don’t know why; I’ve put 10lbs on and haven’t changed my diet or my skin feels dry so does my throat and I have a persistent cough.... and your GP says well there is

nothing wrong with you

I’ve heard this so many times and it’s really frustrating... but lets look at it from their point of view. Simplistically speaking, they have a text book of symptoms which leads to most probably cause and then the best likely treatment. Nothing else works from the western medical training that they are given.

Well, lets take the thyroid for example; with more than 200 possible symptoms affecting the body when the thyroid doesn’t work effectively for YOUR body how can the doctors prescribe a pill to sort you out. That pill, the only one used by doctors in the UK, (I am told by several Doctors in the UK) floods your system with T4 regardless of whether your body needs or wants it and makes you feel good for a while.

It really helps if you understand what your body is NATURALLY trying to do.

So here’s what I did ... I found out as much information as I could and started treating myself naturally... why.....? it beats being told I’m imagining things or complicating my already compromised body with more chemicals. You see I learnt that our bodies are amazing things and their natural way of working is to keep us well.

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